Sustainability is "in": Countless companies boast about their sustainable actions and are constantly launching new sustainability labels on the market - from equity funds to food to holiday trips. Sustainability has become an important image factor and is well received. But unfortunately, the term has also become very worn out in the meantime.

This could be easily changed, because sustainability is an essential element in securing the future and thus clearly more than "just" an image factor!

For this reason, TROX has developed a correspondingly far-sighted sustainability strategy. The core of this strategy is to achieve climate neutrality by 2040 - and since this can only be achieved by taking many small steps, interim targets have been defined which must of course also be achieved.

What these are in detail can be found in the fourth sustainability report of the TROX GROUP, which is based among other things on the internationally recognised standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

Bærekraftsrapport 2022 TROX Group


Sustainability is probably the buzzword of our time and it is impossible to imagine the media without it. The awareness surrounding sustainable action long ago ceased to be something that was only relevant for private consumers. Companies are also looking more seriously at how their activities are affecting the environment and the importance of a corporate sustainability concept as part of the corporate culture is growing. 

TROX Sustainability Report 2021 (PDF)


Our efforts to promote sustainability are in line with a key value of our corporate policy, as well as with an important mega trend: health. Healthy people, thanks to good, clean air and a healthy environment.

The many uncertainties of a year shaped by the coronavirus, highlight the true importance of this fundamental value and mega trend. This is why we think of sustainability as an opportunity for TROX to stand out as an employer and a solution provider.

TROX Sustainability Report 2020 (PDF)


TROX has published its first company-wide sustainability report. “Sustainability is not static – on the contrary. Acting sustainably as a company means a continuous, long-term process which we drive forward with new steps and measures years on year,” explains Udo Jung, Managing Director for Distribution, Technology and Production (TROX GmbH). “This report sets out to illustrate what we have achieved so far and how we want to act in future.”

TROX Sustainability Report 2019 (PDF)

The foundation-owned company group TROX defines sustainability as part of its company DNA. As a long-established company, we at TROX GmbH have placed our trust in long-term goals, efficiency and innovation as well as socially and societally responsible behaviour since 1951. We offer our customers and society components and systems which use the available resources in the best possible way while making a significant contribution to climate protection along their entire value chain. Sustainability is at the core of our how we do business, a growth driver and at the same time part of our responsibility.


For us, environmental and social responsibility and profitable growth belong together. That’s because continuous improvements make our company all the more viable for the future. It’s about more than just saving energy, lowering water consumption and reducing waste. We are orientating our company towards strictly applied sustainability in order to meet our aspiration to be climate-neutral by 2040, thereby making use of the entrepreneurial opportunities available to us for a productive future.


As part of our sustainability strategy, we are vigorously grappling with the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. For us, these goals are an avowal of our responsibility as a global company group. They include goals which we have always considered important, such as sustainable economic development, technical innovation, energy efficiency and, most central of all, human well-being.


We pursue a 360° sustainability approach which comprises 6 defined strategic fields for action. These cover nearly all 17 Sustainable Development Goals. TROX's strategic fields for action are largely focused on achieving these goals. In this way, we want to meet the vast challenges of our times and actively promote sustainable living, working and business.

Fields for action in detail


TROX’s environmental footprint is largely determined by the products themselves. Our products provide people with optimal air quality and temperature as well as increased safety (fire protection). Here, we believe in long service cycles and energy efficiency. 


We pay close attention to a careful use of the resources energy and water, waste avoidance and optimal work conditions. We use our TROX production system TPS to improve procedures and sustainability aspects in all 19 production facilities of the TROX GROUP worldwide. 


We care deeply about reducing the CO2 consumption of our goods transport and optimising the resources used in packaging materials. We manufacture close to our customers, bundle transports, make sure to select the right hauliers and optimise packaging in order to improve movability.


TROX’s operational infrastructure is aimed at sustainability. The efficient use of energy and water in buildings reduces CO2 emissions and lowers operating costs. We plan products from the outset to use reusable materials, and recycle wherever possible.


Our employees are the key to the implementation of our business strategy and of our success. Work and health management and a strong training concept for employees sustainably promote commitment and open up potential.


For us, communication means interacting with customers, business partners and employees. We are part of a strong network that enables us to make an impact and involve our responsibilities in regulations, guidelines and laws to achieve a future that is worth living. 


BREEAM (British Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) is a certification system, which assesses the overall building concept. BREEAM specifies nine main categories on which your building is evaluated. Credits are awarded and weighted for each category. This results in a final score for the building, in ratings from ‘Pass’ to ‘Outstanding’. Overall, the BREEAM certification is a quality label, it encourages you to focus on sustainability in building design and the environmental impact of products in buildings.

TROX can help towards obtaining these credits in different categories by using our products, in combination with other building components. The TROX-products could contribute and impact in six of those nine main categories.

Download the TROX-brochure for more detailed information.



For the world’s second highest wood skyscraper, the focus was on protecting the environment and resources. This is a perfect match for TROX’s aspiration to a high level of sustainability and quality. The pressurised air-conditioning system uses high-quality, coordinated components to ensure that emergency exit and rescue routes remain smoke-free in the event of a fire. What makes this solution special is the BUS control unit. It not only saves on materials and cabling costs, but also remains flexible.


The International Quarter London represents the future of work. This is where new commercial areas, restaurants, cafés and apartments exist alongside 25,000 new, unique workplaces. Together with the architect, TROX developed a customised, completely new air-conditioning solution for the office building: SKYBEAM, a cooling convector with a flexibility that is unique in the world, at encouragingly low operating costs thanks to its high energy efficiency. 


Important planning criteria for the new headquarters were especially sustainable construction and the economic use of electricity for lighting, ventilation and air-conditioning. TROX’s optimally coordinated air-conditioning system was chosen. The central controller, volume flow controller and air passages of the ventilation and air-conditioning system ensure ideal learning and teaching conditions alongside especially low energy consumption, smoke extraction valves and fire shutters. 

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